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Some background

I am a middle-aged female whose occupation for over 30 years has been nursing.  I was a Hospice nurse for the last 12 years of my nursing career.  A number of people have asked me,”Isn’t Hospice nursing depressing?”  I have consistently answered that question with a resounding “No.”  The care of the patients was often intense but never depressing.  Dying is a very intimate journey and when families and patients allowed me to join them on that journey it was indeed my privilege.  Hospice work is so important!  As a Hospice nurse I was able to impact a number of lives with comfort and support through a very difficult time.  Yet, as wonderful and necessary as Hospice nursing is, I have felt over the last 5 years the urge to explore other directions.  I admit I was scared to try other things.  After all nursing was literally who I was as a person and what I knew the most about.  As a person of faith, I did a lot of soul-searching and prayer yet felt God was not giving me any clear picture of what he had in store.  Anyone who knows me knows I want some assurance in changing directions before I do so.  God had blessed us in some areas financially so leaving a job with a certain paycheck was not as frightening as it could have been.  Yet not being independently wealthy meant either I needed to find God’s direction and a new career quickly or rely on him.   I must admit either one is hard.  I resigned my position and have been off work for 2 weeks now.  I am looking for God to grant me patience as I wait on his direction.  I am trying to do what I see in front of me to do.  The idea of a blog was brought to my attention so here we go.  I will see where this leads.  If nothing else it will help to  perfect my writing skills and give an avenue to share my feelings and opinions.

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  1. Personally I don’t believe in God, but I wonder why you “wait on his directon.” I once learned that “God helps those who help themselves.” Why wait? Bravo to you for taking up blogging. I bet it will lead to something good for you.

    • Seeking God’s direction should not immobilize us. Sometimes God causes us to be in a time of waiting and sometimes He desires us to be more actively seeking on our own. Closing doors if we are choosing a wrong direction. So I do understand what you are saying about God helping those who help themselves.

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