musings of a hopefilled soul


I have been looking for God’s direction, guidance, and his wisdom as I change directions in my life.  In studying scripture I discovered the Bible has a lot to say about wisdom and those who seek it versus those who reject seeking it.  First of all I find that to fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.   Ps 111:10 This is repeated a number of times throughout scripture.  Must be important, right?  Fear is further defined in this context as holy awe and reverence of the God who spoke this world into existence and yet desires to be involved in every part of the lives of insignificant human beings.  Joseph Prince gave a great demonstration of one of the passages from Proverbs on wisdom.  He asked the audience to envision a person you are going to embrace.  That person is wisdom and when we seek wisdom which also equates to seeking God, the right hand holds long life and the left hand holds riches and honor.   Many seek riches and honor or a long life instead of seeking wisdom.  The Bible implores us to seek Godly wisdom.  When we seek or embrace Godly wisdom  the arms of wisdom embrace us back.  Long life and riches and honor are added.  These benefits of wisdom can come in this life but also may refer to the riches, honor and long life we receive in our heavenly home as well.  In Proverbs 3 God emphasizes how important wisdom is in saying it is more profitable than silver and yields returns better than gold.  God also says in this same passage of scripture that nothing you desire compares with her(wisdom).  Those who lay hold of her (wisdom) will be blessed.  Think of all of the things we do and could desire in our lives and yet NOTHING compares to wisdom.  Today I will make seeking Godly wisdom my priority.

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