musings of a hopefilled soul

It has been a few days since I have posted anything.  Taking some time away for events going on in life. I also needed the time to process what I’m doing.  I want to see a clearer path ahead of me.  I feel God directed me away from a profession I had practiced all of my adult life.  He seems to be directing me to use what talents and abilities I have to pursue a speaking and writing ministry.  As I blogged last time I wonder how I will be at this.  I purchased Charles Swindoll’s book, “Saying it well”  I am halfway thru it and finding it to be confirming of the feelings and thoughts I had as God was directing a career change in my life.   Somehow I feel that preparation is something I am needing.  I need to discipline myself to do some focused study in the Bible.  I have had great Bible teaching all my life but find you can never have enough.  I feel doing this will give me the ability to have something to speak and write about.   So I will keep this post short and begin focusing more directly on studying the Bible.

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