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I have been under Christian Bible teaching most of my life and am consistent in reading and studying the Bible on my own. While I have no degree in theology, I feel I’m a good judge of teaching that is good as well as teaching that is gone awry. If I question someone’s teaching I spend time using different translations and consulting respected commentaries, and asking for God’s help to understand the correct interpretation .  Several days ago I decided to check online to see reviews of several of my favorite Bible teachers and speakers.  Hesitantly I typed in the name of Beth Moore and her reviews.  I have been listening to Beth Moore for several years now.  I find her refreshing.  She has no personal agenda in mind to do what she does except to be a help to others in their growth in God.  She comes across very genuine and humble. For some time now I have  been praying for God’s wisdom in all matters and I can say without a doubt I have not felt any misgivings regarding Beth. Imagine my surprise to find a great deal of criticism of Beth and her teaching.  On one site the moderator is listening to a tape of Beth’s teaching regarding confidence.  The moderator only allowed a few words of the tape to play before already picking it apart.   While I feel the need to interpret the Bible correctly, I doubt there is anyone we agree with all the time.  In this particular instance I felt the moderator was misinterpreting what Beth was saying and possibly looking for things for which to be critical. Others comment on her teaching to be not in depth and still others are caught up in the idea that some men sit in on her teaching.  While we need to rightly divide the word of truth, it needs to be done in a humble and caring manner, recognizing that most of these teachers are also “God’s anointed”.  I believe God is a God of balance and anytime doctrine gets out of balance it needs to be questioned, but lets be careful with such severe criticism lest we discourage those who are doing what God has told all of us to do,” Go forth and preach the gospel to all nations.”Different faith groups interpret scripture differently when a passage is unclear.  I believe God does that to get us to seek him ernestly to understand scripture correctly.  Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, Chuck Swindoll,  I have been so blessed and helped by all of your teachings and pray God’s best for you as you give your abilities in service to Him knowing how critical people can be.  May you do all you can to please the Lord and teach as he has instructed you.  Even Christ had his doubters. I think you are in pretty good company.       

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  1. Discernment is necessary, but you are right about being too critical. I think sometimes the critics are just jealous of the apparent “success” of the teacher. Balance is a tough act, though.

    • Beth always comes across so humble and genuine. I am amazed when others see her differently. I totally agree that discernment is necessary so we “rightly divide the word of truth.” Thanks for the comment.

  2. I would encourage you to break up your “wall of text” into paragraphs. It makes reading so much easier, and when people can read easily, they also have a propensity to like and comment.

    I rarely if ever have a paragraph of more than three lines. It’s just amazing what that extra space does for reading, especially on a computer monitor since it does not have the resolution that a printed book or magazine has.

    Try it and see if your number of likes and comments doesn’t increase a wee bit.

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