musings of a hopefilled soul

The Grandkids

This weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of watching four of our grandchildren.  My daughter in law brought the kids on Friday early evening and they stayed with us Friday and Saturday nights.  The kids are ages 8, 6,4, and almost 2.  Needless to say we prepared for a wild, busy and fun weekend.

Preparing meals is always an adventure.  We have plans to eat healthy but it seems they quickly go out the window.  Chicken nuggets, fries, mac and cheese, and pizza are givens.  Breakfast can be cereal, bananas, hey that is pretty good!  The donuts, cookies and ice cream go fast.  I will say however, my grand-kids drink milk and water and no soda!  Can you imagine that?  I keep reminding their parents that no drinking soda is huge.

Aside from food the weekend is always busy with activities.  “Grandma can I color, Grandma can I go on the computer, Grandma can I play games on your phone, Grandma can we watch a movie, Grandma can we go to the library, and the ultimate Grandma I’m bored!”  If you have grand children you know the up and the down side of having them around is they always want you to do activities with them.  Play the game, watch the movie, see what they found on the computer, read to them, hold them, settle disputes over who had the toy first.  For the most part it is way good!!

Baths are always exciting, trying to give 4 children time to play in the water and then get cleaned up and ready  for the next one,.

My husband and I always try to take them to church.  I don’t want my grandchildren to think we aren’t church attenders just because it is a little bit of a challenge to get everyone ready.  As parents we did this without a thought because as kids grow you just have to prepare them to go with you or you would never leave your home.  As grandparents it is more a labor of love.  You hope you brought enough quiet activities for them to do yet hope that a few words of the children’s sermon get through to them.  I always feel that even though we are not sure what the children or us get out of church on some Sundays,that our spirits are ministered to by the Holy Spirit as we are obedient to him in going to his house.

By Sunday afternoon the wind up begins.  Collecting the toys, making plans for their return to their parents and getting ready for some quiet time for Grandpa and Grandma.  My son picked up the grand-kids after visiting for a while and headed for home.

The first 1/2 hour is busy sweeping, picking up and getting everything back in order.  Then the quiet sets in and in the recesses of my mind I think about the little voices all clamoring for my attention.  I process with joy the excitement they experience when told they are going to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the weekend as well as the anticipation they feel when told we hope they can come again soon.  When all is quiet,I become melancholy realizing the time is flying by and what little time we have with them at this age is indeed fleeting.

Lord help me to cherish this time and enjoy it fully.  May my grandchildren look back fondly with memories of love and being loved.  May your image be imprinted on my life and be a wonderful reflection of your love for them.

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