musings of a hopefilled soul


I am a nurse who recently resigned her position with Hospice as I felt God impressed me that he has something else for me to do at this point in my life.  I have not received much confirmation as to what that might be at this time.  So I daily spend time in prayer and Bible study to help me stay open to God’s leading.  I also post on my blog as I feel somehow God wants to use this also.  Today as I was praying before writing, I felt God impressing on my mind to think of others.  My husband goes to work everyday and is a good grounded man.  I feel very honored to have him in my life.  But sometimes I get so focused on what God has ahead for me that I forget about my husbands dreams.  If I have dreams for the future then he probably does also.  I  feel frustrated at times with my life, might he also feel the same about his?  God really impressed me to pray for my husband the things I want in my life.  Some of those things include God’s direction for his life.  That the desires of his heart might be granted.  I pray in his current employment for blessings to come his way.  That he will be wise in his decision-making.  That he will love his job and perform it with excellence as unto God and not unto man.  That he will be a Godly example to those around him.  I pray for him to be a blessing to his children and grandchildren.  I believe deep within his heart he has goals and ideas planted there by God so I pray those will be accomplished in his life.  I pray that God would forgive me for thinking only of myself and what I want and desire.  I ask God to help me to be more thoughtful regarding my husband.  I pray that I will be the spouse God wants me to be for my husband. I also pray our relationship will be fulfilling for both of us.  Most of all I pray we will grow together as a couple and in our walk with God.

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