musings of a hopefilled soul

Patience and Trust

If you have read my blog before you know that I am between careers trusting God who has directed me a different path.  The first step after really thinking everything thru was to resign my current position so God could show me where he wants me to go.  I tell people the God has impressed on me that He will now show me what he has for me until I am willing to let go of what I am holding onto.

I spend my time in prayer, Bible study, writing this blog and doing what I see in front of me to do.  I am however very conscious that none of this creates money.  I run into people I used to work with and am asked frequently by them as well as family,”Well what are you doing now?  Have you found another job yet?”

I end up trying to make the activities of my day seem interesting and fruitful.  At times though I cannot help but wonder what is going on.  I am not sure my husband believes me when I say I am not retiring but seeking a change in life direction.

Yet God seems to frequently bring a Bible verse to mind thru devotions or thru one of my favorite Bible teachers to bring affirmation of his plan.  That seems to hold me for a while and then I fall back into discouragement that I seem to have nothing to tell my friends about my plans.

I just finished reading Chuck Swindoll’s book, “Saying It Well” Near the end he makes the statement ,”I realized, sometimes, life takes on the “abnormal” when you’re in transition, when you’re moving between one kind of normal to another.  Accepting and embracing “abnormal” helps you do what needs to be done without losing heart.”  I think this is today’s affirmation that I am in a place I need to be and doing what I need to do and the rest is in God’s hands. I confess my complete trust in him to accomplish that which he has impressed on me.  He will not bring me this far to leave me.

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