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Have A Little Faith

Last evening I completed Mitch Albom’s book “Have A Little Faith”.  I really enjoy all of Albom’s books.  They deal with death and dying and the meaning of life.  As a former Hospice nurse I am fascinated with the dying.  Death is a place we will all have to visit.  As I jokingly but honestly say, “None of us are getting out of here alive”.  Dr. Alan Wolfelt often comments that here in America we feel” death is optional”.

The book reviews the life of 2 men who eventually end up being men of God.  The first a Rabbi and the second a man who first led a life of crime but eventually found the love and forgiveness of God and with God’s help he turned his life around.  Henry who is the second man becomes a minister in the poor areas of Detroit.  He starts a ministry called I am my Brother’s Keeper.  Both figures are soon found to be fascinating men of God with extreme wisdom from their life events.

The Reb as the Rabbi was called has served God for 6 decades. He had a very giving spirit and the utmost concern for his congregation and their families.  Long after members left his ministry, Reb was still remembering them with cards  on birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings,and etc. The interesting tie is that Mitch grew up with the Reb as his Rabbi and sat under his tutelage. Mitch eventually finds life very busy and expresses some embarrassment in his faith and abandons it for a while.

The Reb asks Mitch to give his eulogy when he dies and this begins a journey of 8 years where Mitch renews his acquaintance with the Reb and develops a deep and abiding friendship.  The wisdom Mitch gains from each of these men is remarkable.

Life has not been easy for either of these men and neither have earthly wealth. You get a sense the effect that God has on our lives is to reach out and help others.  Do what we can where we are. Bitterness is not an option in our faith journey even if life doesn’t turn out like we planned and people disappoint us.

I loved the book because as always those who have been around for a while have great insight and wisdom from which we can all learn.  Add to that God’s supreme wisdom and there are insights we did not imagine we could find.  A great book!

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