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The Classy Guy

I am a huge  football fan and watched with fascination and emotion yesterday as longtime Colts quarterback Peyton Manning said his goodbyes to the  Colts organization and fans.

I have always liked Peyton Manning and fell he is a highly motivated and prepared football player.  Taking responsibility when things did not go well with the Colts.  The more I learn of him the more I am impressed with him.  What a classy guy!!  He spoke with kindness and dignity, not showing any bitterness at having to leave his longtime football home.

The emotion was high which only made me respect him more.  He is a stand up guy.  Life will hold a whole new page as he begins a career elsewhere.  He took the high road and thanked the organization for his career and the opportunity to play for the Colts.  He was obviously sad about saying goodbye and verbalized this was not the way he wanted things to turn out.  Yet the words were of thanksgiving and gratitude.

This is in line with a  Bible study I am doing right now.  Beth Moore’s study on Believing God is now to the part where our tongues and the control or lack of control we have over them is being explored.

Great damage can be done to those around us if we give way and say whatever comes to mind in our anger or frustration.  The things that our tongues are prone to give in to are gossip, lying, profanity, unkindness, inappropriate humor, and misuse of God’s name. Obviously speaking doubtful and degrading things about ourselves are also ways to misuse our tongues.

While Peyton Manning is only a small example to us it is one we should model.  Always to take the high road.  These words are only a small example to ways our tongues can bring us and others good or bad.

If you have ever been the brunt of gossip of others you know what I am talking about.  Much of gossip has a grain of mistruth to it, causing more pain and destruction to those who are the recipients.

My prayer today is to be kind with my words and think before I speak.  To be filled with the spirit so as not to give way to words that are harmful to myself and those around me.

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  1. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while. I had a great time — I like where you’re going with your blog — and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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