musings of a hopefilled soul

I have been taking a Beth Moore bible study called Believing God.  At this point in the study Beth is discussing miracles.

There is a debate among Bible experts whether miracles are for today or if they were just intended for Bible times.  The debate is not that God is not able but that it is just not done today.

Beth takes us through the Bible verses that support God’s continued desire to perform miracles today.  She points out that we need to remember that God is sovereign.  While he can perform a miracle he still can make the decision to withhold the same if he has a different plan.  Our faith or lack thereof can also restrict and prevent miracles being performed.

Throughout the readings in lesson three of Believing God, Beth inserts people who have had personal miracles in their lives.

The most dynamic in my viewpoint was the healing of Duane Miller. I had heard of this healing on a Christian radio program about 15 years ago. Duane was a minister who developed a throat problem that caused him to lose his normal speaking voice, allowing him to only be able to talk in a whisper,

He resigned his church after taking months off to rest his voice without any improvement.  For over three years he consulted doctors and specialists, followed recommendations that might work and yet his condition worsened.  He was to the point of despair. After much prodding from his church he begins teaching a Bible study. Extra sensitive microphones were required to pick up his whispered voice. Duane taught the class for some time and his voice continued to get worse.

On one particular day he taught on Psalms 103 which refers to God being the one who forgives ALL our sins and heals ALL our diseases. As he is teaching God dramatically heals him.  This is all documented on tape.  You can find the actual tape on the Internet.  It is so powerful!   I get emotional every time I hear it.

Our God is AWESOME AND MIGHTY and we often limit what he can do.  We/I need to remember he is the same God who literally spoke this world into existence.  His is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He says “I the Lord do not change.” Malachi 3:6. His power is not diminished today.

Today may we recognize the untapped resources of God.   May we seek the one who can work the miracles and not just the miracles themselves. May we recognize that the greatest miracle of all is the transformation he can perform in our lives by forgiving our sins and making us a new creation in Christ!

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