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Do You See Any Signs?

While doing some Bible study today I came across the account of Noah and the flood. Noah received from God instructions to build an ark with specific dimensions and take his family and 2 of very kind of creature into the ark.

God told him he would destroy the rest of mankind and creatures from off the face of the earth. Can you imagine how this all played out.  The Ark took 100 years to build.

Commentaries refer to how Noah was obedient to God while probably having to endure the ridicule of his neighbors who wondered if he had gone stark, raving mad.  Could there have been neighborhood covenants wanting to place restrictions on building  an ark in the neighborhood? Especially one that took 100 years to build!

His own family may have wavered in their belief that Noah had indeed heard from God.  Yet Noah continued to be very obedient to God building the ark exactly as  specified.  Old Testament sources indicate the ark was more like a box than the ark displayed in children’s bible story books. A huge floating box.

To enter the ark when God told Noah to enter,was also a step of faith.  Matthew Henry Commentary notes that Noah entered the ark when God said the flood would come in 7 days.Yet probably at the time of his entering the ark there were no visible signs of rain. Can you imagine them sitting in the ark knowing those outside were laughing at them as they, as well saw no signs of the impending proclaimed doom?

Noah’s family again, must have contemplated their father’s sanity.  Did he really hear from God?  Here we are sitting in an ark and declaring to everyone we know that a huge flood is coming and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  Yet they must have respected Noah and his relationship with God and hopefully had a relationship with God themselves.

However it was, they stayed with Noah and discovered he did hear from God and they were spared the fate of those outside the ark.   What great lessons to learn from this.

For myself it is often hard to step out in faith when I sense or feel God is telling me to do so.  I don’t know if God audibly talked with Noah telling him the upcoming events and giving him the specifics of the ark and what animals to bring.

God has never audibly spoken to me.  Usually when I think God is speaking it is a sensing in my spirit with a few confirmations at times and at times very little else is shown.

The idea that Noah and family were entering the ark with probably no signs of rain shows me that God often asks us to step out, to let go with no signs on the horizon of what he has promised.  It is a total step of faith.

It is a given that we do not take a fleeting thought in our head and act on it without prayer and thought but when those have been done, we need to step out in God’s timing.

Noah obeyed God and he and his entire house were saved.  This part of the account of Noah and the ark gives me hope and faith to continue to believe in God’s direction even when I see nothing before me.  While I wait I have faith to continue trusting that it will happen just as God has told me.

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