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A Christian Heritage

I have referred earlier to a Beth Moore Bible study titled “Believing God.” In one section of the study, students are asked to divide their life into 5 sections.  Beth then asks you to go back and answer questions about your family, your birth order, memories, major changes during specific periods of your life, and the spiritual climate of your family.

It truly is an eye opener and allows the student to really explore their immediate and extended family and how all of this impacts your life today.  I am only in the first section of reviewing my life but already can appreciate the Christian upbringing I was privileged to have.

My mother was a stronger Christian than my father but both believed in God and tried to live lives pleasing to him.  We were regular church attenders and at an early age I came to a personal belief in God and He became my Saviour.

The little Assembly of God  Church I grew up in had many fine examples of people who loved God and lived their faith.  I can look back with fond memories of Sunday school teachers who greatly impacted the life of my brother and I.

We had great Sunday school class parties at our teachers home.  This was in the teenage years and we anxiously awaited the Christmas parties they hosted with the ping-pong table, the dart board, the game ducky , ducky, and all the fudge and popcorn we could eat.  It was always a fun time together.

Good reminders of other ways to have fun than just the worldly ways.  All of these memories were so many years ago yet when I reflect on them they bring a smile to my face and a realization of how blessed I was to grow up in the home I was in and to have the fine Christian education I had.

It certainly was the basis for me to grab hold of when there were times in my life of great turmoil.  It was the Christian upbringing that caused me to examine my life in the light of my Heavenly Father.  I knew He was always there and I measured my life with how it lined up with Him.  I fell miserably short of God’s mark, but because of my Christian upbringing  I knew God was faithful to forgive, cleanse my heart and get me back on the right track.

If you did not grow up in a Christian home but are a believer today, take pride in the opportunity to begin a heritage of faith for your family.  A heritage your children and grandchildren can look back on and treasure.

Faith is truly a gift of immeasurable value.  It means more than all of the possessions your children could own.  Believe me when times are hard they are not going to find solace in their possessions, but they will find an anchor in their faith in God.

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