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If you are any sort of football fan, you have probably been watching the story unfold about where Peyton Manning will choose to play this fall.

With the news out that Peyton is working on a deal with the Denver Broncos, the sports commentators are having a field day analyzing the situation.  This morning they were discussing the impressions they were receiving from the Bronco teammates of Tim Tebow.  It has been the general feeling that Tim will be released or traded to another team.

The sport casters were saying that teammates were not giving great endorsements of Tim or  verbalizing much about him being displaced by a legend such as Peyton Manning.  They ended up concluding that team members were still a little upset that Tim had received a lot of the praise for helping the Broncos turn their season around when it was indeed a team effort.

I feel Tim certainly came out in place of Kyle Orton who was struggling and If nothing else  inspired the team and motivated them to  a winning season.  I honestly feel the players current apathy to the consequences of the Manning deal is that the players have already moved on.  They have to move on and need to look ahead and not back.  They are excited about how the future will play out with someone as talented as Peyton now becoming their quarterback.

Football is a business and often very cruel.  A few weeks ago Manning had his own personal encounter with its cruelty.  My heart goes out to Tim.  He is a fine upstanding young man who works hard and is very determined and wants to be the best QB he can be.  He is not afraid to stand up for his faith and good for him as there are plenty who are not afraid to vocalize their lack of faith.

I understand about  football being a business.  I certainly understand an organization not wanting to pass up a chance to have a great QB be part of their team.

I just would like to take this opportunity to compare this real life situation to our relationship with God. Our lives are safe with him.  He will not throw us away and say “You were once important, but not any more. We will pass you off to the highest bidder and then carry on quickly forgetting what you did for us in the past.”

It is so reassuring to know that God first loved us and loves us still.  He knows that our QB rating is not so hot, but he sees how hard we are working, he sees our heart and sees how much we are trying, in Christ to be all we can be. He sees our progress even the smallest amount.

He loves us no less than the person with all of the talents and abilities because you see he created all of us.  God loves us.  That does not change, no matter how much time passes.  In his eyes and because of his love he considers us to be very precious.  Our hope and confidence is in him, not in the fleeting accolades of others.  We are and always will be wanted on God’s team.

Isaiah 43:1….fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name, you are mine.

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