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The Effect

I recently finished reading a short book titled “The Butterfly Effect-How Your Life Matters”.  This book written by Andy Andrews , suggests that great people and events that have happened in our world can be traced back to the influence of many obscure individuals. Individuals who had some outside effect on a person or event that contributed greatly to the happening of the event or the success of the individual.

Was it the great scientist who has the greatest effect or the mother who raised him, the school teacher who saw his potential, the professor who taught him or, a father who sacrificed much to allow his success.  The events of history were altered by a victory in battle  that allowed the United States to exist as it is and later be powerful enough to join forces against Hitler and help in his defeat.  All of our actions affect and influence those around us in a small or large way which ever the case may be. Some of the ripples may take decades to be realized.

As I contemplated the truth set forth in this little book, I began to think of a song written by Steve Milliken and Ray Boltz.  The title is “What Was I Supposed to Be?”  This song is written in reference to babies who are aborted by man’s intervention.  I will not give all the lyrics but the chorus and one verse, in particular, spoke loudly to me.  See what you think.

Verse 2

Would I be a prophet used in the ministry?

A doctor who would find a cure for some terrible disease?

Even if I’d been imperfect why couldn’t my daddy see that

I’d a been made perfect when You came back for me?


What was I supposed to be?  What were my eyes supposed to see?

Why did I taste of death before I even drew a breath

or laid my head at my mother’s breast to sleep?

O Jesus, what was I supposed to be?

These are powerful thoughts and words sung by a Christian group called Acapella.   By our own acts of ending lives of unborn children are we changing the course of history, leaving problems unsolved because we have possibly ended the life of the person who could find the answer to that problem?  Are we ending the life of someone who could influence another person to greatness that affects our world in an unimaginable way?  The Butterfly Effect-How Your Life Matters.

God sees what we do not see.  What we do not see is how one person can cause a chain reaction of change or greatness.  God forgive us for focusing only on the now and not trusting Him when we cannot understand what He is doing.  It is called walking in faith.

A single solitary life does matter.  Maybe we can keep this in mind when the banner of abortion is raised touting Pro choice.  Pro choice at what expense?  Maybe we will never know that Pro choice was indeed a very expensive acquisition.

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