musings of a hopefilled soul

Over a period of about 1 year, it became evident that I was gaining weight.  I wanted to lose weight but was minimally motivated to do so.

 I half-heartedly tried various diets, low carb, mediterranean, counted calories, and Weight Watchers.  Now I hasten to add that I was trying all of these things only half-heartedly. 

Any and all of these eating plans can work when committed fully to them.  My lack of commitment found me straying  frequently from any plan I was using at the time. 

I kept having the goal in my mind to lose weight but it all became suddenly  real when I knew I was going to have to buy new clothes as the ones I was wearing were starting to feel uncomfortably small.  This was a reality I could not escape as I adjusted and shifted my clothes throughout the day due to uncomfortable tightness. 

It is not that buying new clothes is a detestable task, but I would rather buy them because I have lost weight rather than gained weight.   

One morning about 4 weeks ago , I stepped on the scale and saw a number I had not seen in 15 years.  I GOT IT that morning, there was no magical solution here.  It was a matter of making a decision and sticking with it!  It was time! 

I looked on the computer and calculated calories that would help me lose weight at a pace I wanted, yet was healthy.  I started counting my calories. 

One day became two and one week became two weeks and here we are at four weeks.  I have lost 7 pounds and have more to go but am certainly realizing success. 

There is no easy way to do it.  If there was, everyone would be skinny.  As usual it all involves making up your mind, limiting food intake, and exercising. 

This is not earth shattering information.  It just takes doing it and doing it over a long period of time.  Seldom are there dramatic effects in just a few days but keep it up for one week, two weeks, three weeks and on and on and the results will be obvious.  

Lets compare my weight struggles with our relationship with God.   He saves us through grace and as we spend time with him he asks us to let go of those things that weigh us down in our Christian walk. 

He shows us in his word what we need to do. We think, “Well, I’ll do it this way ,”or we follow God’s plan for a few days but give ourselves too much leniency and  soon we find ourselves not following God’s instructions at all. 

He is so loving he picks us up and continues in that still small voice to speak in our ear.  “If you will just do it this way and keep doing it, you will see the change you hope for.” 

Galatians 6:9 in the NIV says this,”Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” 

In our day of instant this and instant that we don’t want to hear that anything will take time before it happens yet that is what God’s word tells us.  Let’s make today the day that we decide what we want from God is important enough to make a committment to do it his way and keep dong it.  There will be a harvest, the benefit will be there.  It will pay off.  God guarantees it will happen!

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