musings of a hopefilled soul

Enjoy Life!!

My husband and I spent yesterday, a Sunday afternoon, with his siblings and spouses along with their mother who is 92 years old.

Of the siblings local, we live the farthest away traveling about 60 miles for the gathering.  We decided to come early and go with my mother in law to church.

The day was a beautiful, unseasonably warm April day.  It was an enjoyable time together with memories that will be treasured forever.  Our family always enjoys getting together with siblings and Mom.  We all bring food and eat and laugh and just enjoy visiting and reminiscing.

As each gathering comes and goes we all recognize that Mom is becoming more frail.  She would probably be mortified if she read this but as respectfully as I can write this, we all see her more pale, losing weight, and having more trouble hearing.

She will accept an arm of assistance now, when walking outside. Previously she would never have considered an arm offered as helpful, but a possible insult to her ability to manage by herself.

My mother in law is always very gracious in a group when having trouble hearing.  She always remains pleasant and calm and part of the group even though at times she hears very little of what is going on.

She is an outgoing person and enjoys family and conversation immensely.   In my mind this would be very frustrating and I doubt I would be as patient as she.

This aging process is not to say that there is not a lot of living to do.  My mother in law is a person of whom I have always said that I hope when I reach her age I can have the joy to live as she does.

She enjoys getting out to activities, visiting people, playing cards, and especially family gatherings.  A year or two ago she had her carpet replaced and bought some different chairs.  All of this is about living and enjoying your life to the fullest no matter what season your are in.

I believe God has given her as an example to me.  Many times I limit my opportunities at enjoying my life with my perception that something has to be spectacular to be enjoyable.  When living in that perception I have often missed the joy of the small moments and have looked back with regret.

Whatever opportunities  Christ allows to come our way, we need to enjoy them to the glory of God.  He gave us life and our lives should reflect and give praise to his name.

Christ said, “The thief comes only to kill and destroy; I  have come that they may  have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10. We need to truly enjoy our lives in Christ.  He has given us this opportunity to live to the fullest, to laugh, to cry, and to love with everything within us.

Because of Christ we are free from the burdens, effects, and scars of sin.  Of all of the people on this earth, as Christians we should be the most  joyful.  Along with all of  you,  I choose to fully enjoy life today!!

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