musings of a hopefilled soul


Today I am reflecting back over the Easter weekend.  My husband and I were privileged to have 2 of our granddaughters stay with us through the weekend. They are 13 and 11.

I made a list of things we could do so they would not be bored.  The list included going to the ice cream parlor, shopping for a small birthday cake for one of the grandsons whose birthday was also on Sunday, and  decorating cookies and filling Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

The girls also had computers, video games, movies and books they brought along with them. They seemed fascinated watching the bird feeder with finches, chickadees, morning doves, and cardinals as they came to eat.

There was plenty to do and we did do most of these things but at times the girls still seemed bored.  They tried very hard to let us know they were enjoying themselves but the missing component was other children.   That was remedied on Sunday when the other families arrived with their children.

Our home was a madhouse for about 4 hours.  The kids were in and out. Smiling and excited with the Easter egg hunt and the opportunity to play with their cousins.  There was plenty of food and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The kids played outside and enjoyed the bubbles wands we had purchased the day before.  Ice cream cones are a tradition at our family gatherings. In fact one of our older grandson’s recited his memory of being little and being able to pick out what color of cone he wanted.  Another day of making and recalling memories.

Then just like that the time came for everyone to leave. There had been 24 people present so you can imagine the silence of our house when the last ones bade us goodbye with the usual rounds of hugs and kisses.  There is always plenty of cleaning to finish up.  Tables and chairs to put away, floors to sweep, and stray toys to put way.  We were always exhausted when it was over but it was a good type of exhaustion. Another Easter celebration in the books.

I always become nostalgic when the day is done. Did everyone have a good time? Will a time ever come when they don’t want to come to Grandmas house?  They are growing up so quickly. At times I long for the days when the kids were a lot younger.  There is always magic in a child.  They are so fascinated and awed by anything new.  Their laughter echos thru the halls of time making me smile but also sad that the past is gone.

I then take time to remind myself it is supposed to be this way.  The grandkids  are to grow up  and move on with their lives.  We wouldn’t want them to stay little forever no matter what we think.  That would be unnatural.

So,I have a little talk with myself and tell myself to look for the new enjoyments I can find for the current day I’m in.  To enjoy the tween and teen years and all those that come after that.  As it has been said so well, “Let’s not be sad it is over , let’s be glad it happened.”

Help me Lord to live in the moment , to cherish the time and the day for it is a gift from you.  One that can never be repeated.  Thank You for wonderful memories.  Amen

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