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I wrote this poem while a nurse  in a dialysis unit.  Dialysis patients struggle with a chronic illness with many restrictions.  On a personal note I was struggling to accept some difficulties in my own life.  I was able to see my spiritual situation through my patient’s physical struggles.  The poem God gave me is called: “A Place I’d not Planned to Be.”

You come to this place and you sit in this chair

And shoulder again the illness you bear.

From the young to the old no favorites it plays,

And clearly affects you for the rest of your days.

The blood blows from your body and through the machine,

Washing and cleansing and making it clean.

Once doesn’t do it but three times a week,

You return again for its health that you seek.

You listen and learn some by hearing some by error

The hazards of fluid and salt, WHAT A TERROR!

So, you chose wrong and you even knew it,

From the scales to the cramping, you know you blew it.

Some days are good and your smile is so bright,

Other days are difficult, you want to give up the fight.

And as I take a moment and look in your face,

I see a reflection of my life in your case.

The events of my life weren’t quite what I planned,

And caused me to question the design of His hand.

So daily I come to the same quiet chair

And still there my heart in moments of prayer

And just as your blood needs cleansing again,

My life needs His cleansing, I’m dependant on Him.

He pulls from my life the poisons within,

And draws off the excess that would harm me again.

And from that cleansing comes the strength to arise

And face my day and the rest of my life.

And so through your courage He speaks to me,

To accept this place where I’d not planned to be.

Lynn Radke Written in 1999

Each of us struggle with happenings in our lives for which we did not plan.  Yet God expects us to accept our place, be it triumph or struggle, and be strong in His power and might.  To courageous dialysis patients everywhere, you inspired me at a crucial juncture in my life.  Thank You for displaying such courage!

Comments on: "A Place I’d Not Planned To Be" (5)

  1. LilMissJoan said:

    Wow, your poem is timeless…
    I love your insights and writings too…;)
    Thank you for sharing this piece… 😉

  2. I will send a link to your poem to a dear friend who has been on dialysis for about 15 years now. Thank God for this life-saving procedure – and for people like you who assist with compassion. Thank you!

    • Caring for these dear people was a true revelation of my life and the constant dependence I have on our heavenly father. Thanks for commenting.

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