musings of a hopefilled soul

The Seed of the Soul

The Gardener with great gentleness placed the seed in the ground.

Said the seed, “Why here, what reason can be found?

It’s dark and it’s cold here and I”ll be all alone.

What purpose of this could possibly be shown?”

“In the dark and the stillness of this place unknown

Comes the dying so necessary for you to grow.

When dying, then, growing and hard work is done

A rose lifts its head in the light of the sun.”

“What beauty” you say,”  “Was this really in me?

If it truly was there, why couldn’t anyone see?”

“The former of you was a plain hardened shell

It took breaking down walls,You cherished so well

To give growth to the beauty lying dormant inside

And it just couldn’t happen till the old you had died.”

 And so to the depths when no one is there

We too are placed with great love and care.

And the times become hard and the days become long,

And we cry out to God to give us a song.

When to the past we finally die

And surrender to God all the pieces inside.

He takes from the winter and tenderly grows,

In the springtime that follows , a beautiful rose.

Written February 10, 1999 after learning that letting go would allow the beauty inside to be revealed.

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