musings of a hopefilled soul

My Friend

A petite little lady with gray in her hair,

Some 20 years older, but God place her there.

In the path of my life in a time of great pain

To help and encourage to find strength again.

Her door always open, as was her heart

I knew she was there , in whole not in part.

Sometimes I’d call very late at night

She’d throw back the covers and turn on the light

And answer the phone and help me to right

The crisis of the moment when all uptight.

Just like a mother but also a friend

Her love and concern were true to the end.

A battle with cancer her husband had lost

And it threatened her heart and mind to exhaust.

But she gathered herself and with courage untold,

Got on with her life with God’s strength so bold.

She’s an example to me of one strong for her size.

She’s determined and gutsy, I see God in her eyes.

I value her wisdom and opinion as well,

As I get up again from the last time I fell.

To each of you out there I hope there will be

In the time of your need, one precious as she.

She’s a perfect example of unconditional love,

A likeness in  flesh of our Father above.

To the petite little lady with gray in her hair.

I’m so glad, my friend, that God placed you there.

This was written in 1999 for a dear friend who was my rock.

Lynn Radke May 7, 2012

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