musings of a hopefilled soul

As believers, a goal we should all seek to achieve, is to love others as Christ loved us. Sometimes we fail miserably at this endeavor.

Christians are strongly criticized for being unkind and unloving to those who hold different views or lifestyles than our own.  I too, am appalled at actions taken against those who are not like ourselves or believe as we do. We can and should do better.

Christ loves each of us with a tender, encompassing, amazing love that none of us can ever deserve!  Thank God for our merciful heavenly Father who recognized there was no other way for us to have salvation than through the shed blood of Christ.

Many would have you believe however, that to love others includes condoning  lifestyles contrary to Biblical precepts.  But even Christ’s love did not give approval to sin.

In that tender, compassionate, and forgiving scene of Christ with the woman accused of adultery He told her to “Go and sin no more.”  What kind of love would our Heavenly Father have for us if He just left us in our sin, knowing the consequences it would have on our lives?

The sinner does not walk in freedom because he is bound by the sin he serves.  Our God is greater than that and has so much more for us than for us to remain in the sinful state in which He found us.

God’s tremendous love for us calls us to repentance.  In Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy Love,” he writes:

“Some people encounter Jesus and say, “Sweet Jesus, do You want to join the party of my life with this sin, that addiction, this destructive relationship, and we’ll all just coexist together?”  But repentance means saying, “Sweet Jesus, You are the best thing that has ever happened to me!  I want to turn from all the sin and selfishness that rules me.  I want to let it go and walk with You. Only You.  You are my life now.  Help me to walk away from the enslaving, worthless things in life.”  

All who encountered the risen Lord were forever changed.  He calls us to let go of those things we feel we cannot.  He urges us, with such love, to give it all up to him and he will honor our obedience with more than anything we could imagine.

Someone aptly stated, “We don’t change God’s message, His message changes us.”

I have every intention of loving people in all kinds of circumstances of life with the love of Christ. I would encourage all to do the same.  However, the Bible is filled with loving warnings of the consequences of actions  we are to abandon.

To love without sounding the alarm would be like your neighbor knowing a murder was entering your home in the dark of night and saying nothing.  That would be the most unloving act of all!

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