musings of a hopefilled soul



Bidding my eyelids to close

But thieves dance through my mind

Stealing ideas of sleep

All around me, no matter which way I turn

Thoughts taunting, “Boy did you mess that up”

“You’ll never be able to fix it.”

“You’re mediocre at best ”

“What’s wrong with you?”

Mistakes, regrets….

Tossing, turning, mind racing …

I arise to read, write, pray.

At last sweet exhaustion ….. sleep…

The bliss of morning sunlight…

Fears recede to the distance.






I awaken in the remembrance that I am who God says I am…



Made righteous!

Recipient of grace!

Child of God!

Holy and dearly loved!

New creation in Christ!

Complete in Christ!


I always walk in triumph!

…..And much more!

Lynn Radke May 29, 2012

Comments on: "Insomnia" (4)

  1. Aren’t you grateful for renewing, refreshing sleep and the assurance of triumph in Him? Well written, my friend. Thanks for your inspirational post!

  2. Some nights seem pretty long and the thoughts won’t stop. It is then when I have to remind myself of who God says I am vs. who my thoughts say I am. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Wonderful! I was moved from sadness to inspiration. Love it!

    • Those long dark nights when sleep won’t come can really do a number on our minds. Nice to awake and find hope! Thanks for the comment!

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