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Emotional Paradox

It’s been years…

Yet fresh in my mind

I find the memories of you.

Surprising tears spring to my eyes

Was it that song,

Or a smile…

Or seeing our children?

I haven’t thought about you in a while,

Suddenly I miss you terribly.

Just to talk with you about our children.

Only you would understand the depth

Of my love and concern for them.

Others try, but do not know them like you and I…

Life has brought me another mate.

We share quiet evenings together

Brought together when neither thought love

Would exist for us again and it is very, very good,

But different…

Than you and I…

I miss You…

…but I’m thankful to love again.

Those who have lost a mate and are privileged to love again are grateful .  However moments exist in which they find themselves looking back to that loss and experiencing renewed grief. A paradox!

Lynn Radke June 3, 2012

Comments on: "Emotional Paradox" (4)

  1. I’m so grateful for the longevity that has allowed my husband and me to share 50 years together. I know just what you mean when you say, “Only you would understand the depth Of my love and concern for them.” Thank you for reminding me never to take that privilege of shared longevity for granted! I am glad you found renewed love. I can tell you are one whose life was meant to be shared ;o) Thanks for sharing with us out here in the Blogosphere.

  2. Very touching and inspirational. Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable. I’ve done loads of grief counseling myself… I will keep your poem in mind to share with others that the memories last forever, but the Lord does help us to love again.

  3. The joy of realizing we can love again is truly a blessing from God. Thanks for commenting. Thank you as well, for being there to help those who grieve. God Bless!

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