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You know that song “Unforgettable?”  Well I’m pretty sure they didn’t write it about me.  Do you ever run into people with whom you’ve had past encounters and not  only are you nameless to them, but also unrecognizable?
Do you walk in anonymity, often seeking it because  you feel very forgettable?  Afraid that the bright light of recognition will reveal just how ordinary you really are?  And if others see who you really are will they like you? You’d rather not find out so being invisible is the tradeoff!
Do you look at yourself knowing we are all to have talents and abilities and wonder if God ran a little short on “the stuff” in your case?
Do you feel average in your work, as a spouse, a parent, a cook, a home decorator? You’d never be the life of the party, in fact at times you worry that you are downright boring.
Uncomfortable in gatherings of many people do you look around and wish you were like Brenda Bubbly or Trudy Talker? How about Abby All the Answers?
Ordinary, forgettable, insignificant, invisible. Do the words play through your mind like a broken record?
Take heart my friend.  The One who created us has not forgotten us! He has called us by name, we are His.  We are inscribed on the palm of his hand. 
Acts 4:13 records the description of Peter and John as unschooled, ORDINARY, men.  Shown here to have great courage so much so that others took note that these men had been with Jesus. 
God deliberately chooses the lowborn and insignificant.  Why? So that no one can boast before him.  
Being ordinary and insignificant makes you a very likely candidate for God to use for His glory.  Being willing to be used by God is the key.  
We need to get beyond the fear that we have nothing to offer and realize that we have nothing to offer apart from God.  Without him we can do nothing but with him and through him we can do ALL things.
Today if you are forgettable like me, just remember you are exactly the kind of person God is looking for through whom he can do great things.  

Comments on: "Forgettable" (4)

  1. LilMissJoan said:

    Hi one of my writings got published on our national newspaper…

    • That is awesome! You are a very talented writer and poet so I am not surprised! It is always good to think before we speak as your writing mentioned. Have a Blessed day and “Write on.”

  2. I am so happy to be following your blog. This reflection on being “forgettable” was perfect with my Bible Study today because Isaiah 43:1 was the focus this morning. I worked at the Food Bank this morning and as I met and chatted with the people who came in to receive their box of food to sustain them, I made it a point to learn their names and treat them with the dignity I know they deserve – understanding that but for the grace of God, I could be the one needing assistance with my next meal. Many of them came in looking as if they were feeling so “lowborn and insignificant.” Feeling less than “average” and embarrassed by their current circumstance. If the love and acceptance of Christ can shine through me – if I can convey God’s message as you stated it, “…you are a very likely candidate for God to use for His glory,” to these dear people, then maybe – just maybe – some of them can walk out with more than their groceries. That is my prayer. No, not one of them was “forgettable” – certainly not to God. Bless You for posting this! It rounded out my day.

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