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The Monkey Poem

Yesterday with family, we were discussing my blog endeavor.  I was telling them I’m a novice and have a variety of writings, some my own and some from other authors as well.

On the way home, while thinking about how they might view my blog, I began, for some reason, to think of a quote I posted by George Carlin about evolution.  He said, “If men evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?” Very humorous but also very profound.

Well this whole thread of thinking caused me to remember a poem my Mom came across many years ago in the Capers Weekly.  It debates evolution from the monkey’s view and adds some humor.  Hope you enjoy:

Crazy Monkeys Photo

The Monkey Poem

Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree,

Discussing some things that are said to be;

Said one to the others, “Now listen you two,

There’s a rumor that certainly cannot be true–

That man descended from our noble race,

The very idea is a total disgrace!”

“No monkey ever deserted his wife,

Starved her babies, and ruined her life!

And you’ve never known a mother monk

Leave her babies with others, and bunk!

Or pass them on from one to another,

Till they scarcely know who is their mother.”

“Another thing that you never would see,

Is a monk build a fence round his coconut tree,

Forbidding all other monkeys from taking,

For then they would all become thieves in the making!

If I were to put a fence round my tree,

Starvation would force them to steal from me!”

“Here’s another thing a monkey won’t do;

Go out late at night and get in a stew,

Using a gun, a club or a knife,

To take some other monkey’s life!

Yes, man descended!–the ornery cuss’

But, brothers!–he didn’t descend from us!”

***Author unknown

Comments on: "The Monkey Poem" (5)

  1. My mother kept this poem in her china cabinet for years.. So happy to have found it online.

  2. I found this in a book about caring for monkeys when I was 12 and now 68 and love it still. t was slightly different but I will never forget it. We raised 2 monkeys from babies. I used this in a school poem contest and almost won. Thanks for the reprint.

  3. My neighbors across the street had a plaque eith this engraved on it, back in the Fifties. I’ve never forgotten it, and am pleased to see that it is still circulating after 55 years. I just posted it on You Tube to confound an evolutionist who thinks he’s the most perfect being on earth..

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