musings of a hopefilled soul


Well I got out my bike the other day

And down the road I did ride

It’s been a while I have to admit

And parts of my body cried.

Each bump became a torturous event

As standing I tried to avert

The soreness and pain that went along

With this whole personal hurt.

I’d forgotten that it can be like this

And so necessary to me,

Was acquiring the proper bicycle seat

And padded shorts can be key.

The dangers are many and wary I must be

As on the road I ride

Scan the horizon, look both ways,

And the rules by which I abide.

All there for my safety and comfort

So I can enjoy the journey

To reach my destination by bike

And not end up on a gurney.

The hard helmet looks kind of goofy to me

But speeds could cause me to fly

Down the road at the slightest mistake

Alas,” to wear, its good,” I sigh.

Someone is approaching from behind

You couldn’t see or hear

Check those side mirrors just in case

You didn’t know he was there.

So how do we think we can take to the path

Of life so unprepared?

It throws  many obstacles, surprises and twists,

Without Him I would be scared.

Yet this journey too, has equipment needs

Instructed by our Father to take

Along with us on the journey

“They’re necessary, make no mistake.”

The helmet of salvation,

The belt of truth procure,

The breast-plate of righteousness in place

Is God’s instruction sure.

Without the sword of the spirit,

The gospel of peace on our feet,

And the shield of faith in our hands,

No armour would be complete.

Always praying in the spirit,

Is sure to be sound advice.

Guidance like this cannot fail us

If you’re not prepared, you’d better think twice.

For it’s no small battle we’re fighting

And endurance is the key

Pray, stay alert, and armoured

To attain the victory.

Next week RAGBRAI begins here in Iowa.  For those who don’t know that’s: Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. Hence the inspiration for my poem today.
Lynn Radke July 19,2012

Comments on: "Equipment" (3)

  1. Val Owens said:

    Love this, Lynn! Hope things are well in your world! Life is kind of like a bike ride, isn’t it??!

    • Val, So GREAT to hear from you. I guess this has been my theme for the last few weeks with RAGBRAI and all. Life is indeed like a bike ride. Thanks for the comment and blessings to you.

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