musings of a hopefilled soul

The Disagreement

Words spoken…

Drenched in feeling

Long contemplated

Filled my thoughts for way too long

Unrest, turmoil

Sleepless nights

“It’s not a big deal,”

Deception smoozes,

“Just stay quiet, keep the peace,

At any cost.”

But who is peaceful…?

It’s a sham, a cover up.

Finally… proded and provoked by reality,

Out fly words clothed in frustration!

There, it’s out!

And the usual follows…

It’s exhausting, but necessary.

Now begins the conversation,

Two  reasonable, loving people

Working on coming to terms with differences.

Self examination…Oh God bring the awareness, the change,

The stuff of which relationships grow,

For our good and Your glory!


Lynn Radke July 24,2012

Comments on: "The Disagreement" (2)

  1. Awareness, self-examination, the realization that our responsibility is to change ourselves, understand ourselves, examine what we can do to make ourselves better – oh, that is so important if there is to be peace and harmony in this world! For our good – and God’s Glory, yes! Beautifully written, dear hope-filled soul!

    • Sometimes we try to hold things in and think peace at any cost when it should come out in the open and be addressed. Thanks for commenting.

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