musings of a hopefilled soul


If you’ve missed my blog for several days,

Let me tell you of my dismays.

Company came which is really good, right?

And for several days they stayed overnight.

Well, bedding needed washing, so we fired up the Maytag,

And what we discovered made my countenance sag.

It smelled of rubber and stalled in its tracks,

No more washing, the facts are the facts!

This calls for a new one, the repairman assessed,

Onward! The hunt for the most efficient and best.

Dryers and washers we checked them all out,

Read all the reviews and said with a shout,

“Three days of searching, I’ve had quite enough!

A decision we’ll make if its wrong “well tough!”

Seldom can appliances be found on hand,

So an order was placed and arrival was planned.

Not soon enough for the clothes mounting high,

They’ll soon be right up there with an elephant’s eye.

But come next Wednesday I’ll be washing up a storm

And appreciate more than ever the convenience I’ve known.

Lynn Radke August 1, 2012

Comments on: "Convenience" (2)

  1. *whistles…great write!

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