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Heart Memories

While going through some of my nursing files, I came across a poem written from the perspective of the person with Alzheimer’s. May it touch your hearts as it did mine as I  was reminded that these dear ones have some form remembrance no matter how brief:

I remember you with my heart.

My mind won’t say your name.

I can’t recall where I knew you.

Who you were

Or who I was.

Maybe I grew up with you,

Or maybe we worked together.

Did we quilt together yesterday?

There’s something wrong with my memory,

But I do know you

And I do love you.

I know how you make me feel;

I remember the feelings we had together.

My HEART remembers.

It cries out in loneliness for you,

For the feeling you give me now.

Today, I’m happy that you have come.

When you leave,

My mind will not remember

That you were here

But my HEART remembers

Remembers the feeling of friendship

And love returned.


That I am less lonely

And happier today,

Because of the feeling,

Because you have come.

Please, please don’t forget me;

And please don’t stay away from me

Because of the way my mind acts.

I can still love you.

I can still feel you.

I can remember you with my heart;

And a heart memory is maybe,

The most important memory of all.

Author unknown

Comments on: "Heart Memories" (6)

  1. Wow, this evoked the tears…thank u for posting this!

    • My heart goes out to families who struggle with visiting someone with dementia, often feeling they are making no difference. They as well struggle with the pain and grief of losing the person they once knew. I’m glad it touched your heart as it did mine. Thanks for the comment.

  2. The memory is a terrible thing to lose. Treasure it while you have it, never take it for granted, and use it to record your most cherished thoughts while it is alive and vivid! Bless you for posting this. I will share it with my Senior Companion Program members.

  3. Beautiful and so true.

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