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A New Thing

The last few weeks have been very traumatic in our family.  The sudden death of a loved one left all of us reeling in it’s aftermath.  Family gatherings for support and attending the funeral have certainly kept us busy and therefore blogging has taken second place for a while.

Yet in a moment of reflecting on my goals as I began this blog, I began to question God.  Did I hear Him correctly? My plan was for a new direction to become clear to me by this time.  As I reviewed the past 7 months,  I wondered if I had made the right choice in leaving my career. I had told my coworkers that I was trusting God to help direct me as I felt He was calling me to something new. I felt that God was not going to reveal His plan until I stepped out in faith, letting go of what I was currently doing and trusting Him.  If you have read my ABOUT then you know I did not do this lightly.  Much time and prayer was spent before I actually resigned my position in January.

Now my mind was wondering, “What are you doing? Nothing is happening! Maybe you misunderstood God. Maybe you should just get another nursing position and say this was a mistake.”  I cried out to God in my time of frustration expressing my need for assurance in my new path.

As I read my devotion that same morning for August 20th from “Love Out Loud” by Joyce Meyer I knew God heard my pleas and had answered. Letting me know that I was indeed where God wanted me and not to return to the place I had been. God is faithful!!!! Here is the devotion.


Do not [earnestly] remember the former things; neither consider the things of old.  Behold I am doing a new thing! Isaiah 43:18,19

In todays scripture, God says He is doing a new thing.  As you move into the future He has for you, you will encounter all kinds of new opportunities, and challenges.  The days ahead will be full of new experiences, things you have never done before.  You may not know how to do them, but you will learn.  Everything you are doing today was new to you at one time–and look, now you can do it.

Continuing to face new challenges and develop new abilities is extremely important to your growth and maturity.  As you walk with God into your future, you will hear Him say, “You have not done this before, but don’t be afraid.  I’m taking you to a place you have never been before.  I’m going to ask you to do something you don’t know how to do!”  God has already been where He is leading you, and He has prepared the way.  Step out in faith and you will experience the faithfulness of God.

We think and say, “It’s time for a change! I need something new,” and then we hesitate to embrace that new thing when it comes.  If you are ready for something new and fresh, don’t be afraid to embrace it when it comes.

Don’t stay trapped in the past.  Let go of what lies behind and press into the great future God has planned for you.  I can promise you: God is with you.  He will lead you.  He will strengthen you.  He will help you.

Love God today: With God’s help, I will embrace every new thing He brings into my life.

Thanks to Joyce Meyer for letting God use her and most certainly thanks to my Heavenly Father who sees all of my insecurities and provides reassurance that I am on the right path.  I will go forward to do the new things He has for me to do!!

Comments on: "A New Thing" (6)

  1. ISing4God.Com said:

    I’m very sorry to hear of your loss and applaud your faith and determination to move forward .


  2. I am sorry to hear about your loss, but so glad to see the way your time with scripture and reflections has helped you through this period of uncertainty. May God continue to bless you as you walk in His Way. Thank you for sharing.

  3. May God continue to comfort you during this time of loss and grief. I must say…I have been where you are. (this must be a common thread among nurses ;-)) Thank you so much for sharing that daily devotion from Joyce Meyer. It definitely spoke to my spirit. It is so true how as God gives us the new we’ve asked Him for, we have a tendency to become reluctant to move forward and embrace the new.

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