musings of a hopefilled soul

The Fisherman

He’s up with the dawn and out of the door.

Packed his equipment, the bait and the lures.

The morning is brisk, but he doesn’t mind

There’s a lake out there and “the big one” to find.

A cup of coffee to stave off the chill,

Will help him stay focused, his live well to fill.

With the roar of the engine away he does go

To the far side of the lake and the sport he loves so.

With persistence and patience he goes at his work

To monitor his fishing rod and give it a jerk

If that nibble he envisioned, comes as he planned

And a war is necessary between fish and man.

Some days are fruitful and worth all the sweat

Other days are slim, “No fish on a bet!”

So, there’s fish out there that he didn’t catch,

But tomorrow will come and he’s got a batch!

And so it goes… this mysterious dance,

Seems to be worth it just for the chance.

To be in God’s nature and strategically plan

To find out who wins,… the fish or the man?

Penned while vacationing in Park Rapids Mn at Home Bay Resort with my sister and her avid fisherman husband, Ollie.  We had an awesome week with them!!

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