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When I Think I’m Going Under

Some days are difficult!… We hurt for those we love and the trials they are facing. At times our problems seem insurmountable and threaten to destroy our peace. We think “we’re going under!”

I love this version of “Part the Waters/I Need Thee,” sung by Selah! It expresses our desperate need of the Lord, our total inability to do anything without Him!
The GOOD news however, is that in and thru Christ, we can do ALL things. He reminds us to “Be strong and take courage, do not fear or be afraid.” In our weakness, he is strong. We can depend on him!!
If you love some of the old hymns, this one will minister to your soul!!!


Comments on: "When I Think I’m Going Under" (5)

  1. Without God, I am nothing!

  2. I love, love, love this song, this singer, these words, the message of dependence on God, and the inspiration this gives me. I love it so much I posted it on my FB page. Sing along a few more times with me… it’ll let you go to sleep tonight with peace in your heart, Guaranteed! Thanks, my friend. What a gift!!

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