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To Make You Smile!

Because of the unusual layout of our main bathroom, the light switch is located in an awkward place.  My husband being the consummate thinker, decided to install a motion detector light, so as you enter the bathroom the light automatically turns on.

This weekend while watching four of our grandchildren, 4-year-old Braden came running in from outside reporting the need to go the bathroom  and as kids do, had waited to the last minute to answer nature’s call.  While not too distraught, he hurriedly ran into the bathroom and experienced the motion detector turning the light on.  With the most grateful voice, Braden cheerfully chirped, “Thank You Mr. Light Helper!”

Aren’t kids awesome?  They say some of the cutest things!  Now every time the light comes on as I enter that bathroom, I smile when I think of Mr. Light Helper!

Comments on: "To Make You Smile!" (6)

  1. I need one of those automatic switches. I could use a pair of skates to get me there faster, 🙂

  2. Yes, kids do make me smile -and this one in particular. What a cutiepie!!! Thanks for sharing this delightful story. Every time I go into a place where the light turns on automatically, I will definitely thank “Mr. Light Helper!”

  3. How cute! I can hear that now. I love the little ones and the funny things they do for such a short time. Absolutely precious stuff. 🙂

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