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Head Scratchers

Allow me to digress from my usual form,

I just have to vent this, bear with me, I warn.

As I shake my head in disbelief and chagrin.

I’m stymied and stumped at just where to begin.

If you’ve noticed with me those in public view

Are scrutinized more closely in all that they do.

Now Kate, did you really think, being Prince William’s spouse,

You could sunbathe in the nude outside the house?

Just because privacy is also your right

Doesn’t mean you should be out in the buff in daylight.

You chanced being found by the poperazzi’s crew

Now really was that a smart thing to do?

With that off my mind another head scratching deal

Something else on the horizon that seems totally unreal

5- star hotels and spas for our four-legged pets

Can be found in New York, how posh can it get?

To treat animals kindly is noble I see,

But doggie spas with full-sized beds and flat screen tv’s?

No wonder the world thinks we’re ALL rolling in dough

We have so much money, to the dogs it does go

When many in this world are just seeking a way

To find some sustenance to get through today,

We are seen to be greedy and self-absorbed in our view

So we are judged rather harshly by more than a few.

One last thing that bugs “lil ole” me,

What’s up with the low necklines shown on TV?

Oh, I don’t mean on shows of Hollywood kind

I mean in cooking and construction, are they out of their minds?

Have they not heard in construction that debris, it can fly,

And cooking like this, if oil splatters…. Oh My!

Is it all done to gather the attention of men?

How base do we become more ratings to win?

Well there it is….my thoughts for the day

From my blogosphere to you they’re coming your way.

You can snicker at the ones of the humorous kind

And work at getting your priorities in line.

Not meant to be deep in the intellectual way,

Just sharing what has me scratching my head today.

Lynn Radke October 1, 2012

Comments on: "Head Scratchers" (4)

  1. I like and agree!

  2. Oh me oh my…you are terrific at this! You had me chuckling with funn-ness 🙂

    I totally agree with all this head-scratching…me too…yep…ppl are so stretched into their own worlds, i 🙂

    Fun write! I should do some of these. I did one about the facebook poke and mayb i will share it on my page soon.

    p.s. we must b twins; you go by T, also. My name is Tonia, btw. (pronounced Tonya)

    • Look forward to reading your write about facebook. Glad you enjoyed Head Scratchers. My actual given name is Lynn but I would be happy to be your twin. Have an awesome day.!!

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