musings of a hopefilled soul

Spend Yourself

I entered humbly before His throne and down on bended knee

I cried out in earnest prayer today, “What  have you planned for me?”

What is your will?… I seek it…Give me guidance and direction,

And a heart that listens always for your loving interjection.

….And I heard….

“Spend yourself on behalf of others who hunger and are oppressed.

Whether through their own mistakes or because of Godly tests.

Use  the talents I’ve given you in reaching those in need

And your darkness will be like noonday, as to my words you heed.

I will satisfy your needs in the dry and sun-scorched land.

I will strengthen your frame and protect you by the power of my hand.

Do not forget your flesh and blood as some might tend to do,

For in reaching out to those dear ones, I’ll give my strength to you.

Your darkness tends to give you such crippling tunnel-vision,

Look up, look outward, make a concious decision

To be there for those around you! Look beyond yourself today

For many are inwardly seeking the kind word you have to say.

Do you feel your purpose is larger than this reaching out can be?

I tell you, this IS your purpose… to do good, BECAUSE OF ME!.

I will heal your inner wounds and my joy to you impart,

Spend yourself to help others with a thankful, loving heart.

Do away with pointing fingers and the critical attitudes.

Search diligently the scriptures and heed unto my words.

There is room then for my blessings as for me, yourself, you spend.

In not forgetting others and a helping hand to lend”

I write this in response to a bible study I’m taking on the fruit of the spirit.  Beth Moore, teaching on goodness, directed us to Isaiah 58:6-14. The benefits are two-fold as those we help are blessed and the blessings God extends to us because of our obedience to His word.  Check it out!  Great passage of scripture! Spend yourself!

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