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There are times in our lives when concerns for those we love weigh heavy upon our hearts.  The burden can be intense, with anxious thoughts threatening to steal our peace. Our prayers become nonstop, fearing if we do not remain in constant prayer, God will not grasp the gravity of the situation.

But our gracious, merciful God is keenly aware of our frailness. One night as I struggled with sleeplessness and tormenting fears, I cried out to God. He reminded me of this song, performed by Selah.  The song reminds us to praise God in the middle of our problems and concerns.

Scripture tells us God inhabits the praises of his people. Joseph Prince put it this way, “praise is the door to God”.  Peace comes and we can stand firmly with the knowledge that God is at work and will meet the need as only he can.

May this song speak peace to your heart today.

Comments on: "IN YOUR MIDNIGHT HOUR" (4)

  1. T, if you are plagued by concern for your loved ones, I send my best wishes and offer my optimism that our merciful God will hold them in the palm of his hand ~

    • I appreciate your concerns and your reminders of God’s faithfulness. Some days I do better than others on remembering that God loves my loved ones even more than I do. Thank you again!

  2. Not only did the words of your blog and the link to the song by Selah speak to me, but then I took time to listen to some others of Selah’s songs.Where have I been? I did not know this singer. What a talent!! I have saved “I Will Carry You” to my iPhone and will listen to it often. What a gift. Thank you!!

    • I’m with you, I had not heard of Selah until about 1 year ago. They seems to sing with such anointing. So glad you like them. God Bless and have an awesome day!

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