musings of a hopefilled soul


He has done great things

For He is God over all

He is the creator of all

He is the one who spoke this world into existence

He is the God who answered my concerns of yesterday

Hears my concerns of today

Knows I’ll need Him tomorrow…

Before the very rocks cry out

I will praise His holy name

He is gracious and merciful

Full of compassion and love

Worthy of all praise and glory

He asks me to walk by faith

To remind myself of who He is

Asking me to praise Him before the answer comes

Before I see with my eyes the fulfillment

Of His majestic rescue mission

Showing me that my hope and trust in Him

Was indeed the surest place it could be

He  can be counted on!

He is there for me!

He is there for you!

He cares for you!

What you’re going through…

And He has already answered

Praise Him,for He inhabits the

Praises of His people!

Lynn Radke October 30,2012

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