musings of a hopefilled soul

Frustrated Writer

I sat down to write a post for today,

But the genius I possess had little to say.

4 Posts I had started but wandered to no end.

Was there a complete thought I could possibly send?

Apparently none on this day and time,

As I searched for words that would rhyme in my mind.

My frustration mounted as I struggled to compose,

Any kind of thought that would end all my woes.

As you can see that didn’t occur,

It wasn’t happening today for sure!

So you’re getting a verse with little inspiration,

At least that’s what I see, for this jumbled summation.

Who would expect this nonsense for free,

Would come from a brilliant composer like me?

So tomorrow, refreshed, I’ll try it again,

My blog to continue and encouragement to send.

….Hey!… that IS inspiration my mind, could conclude.

The one who wins is the “keep trying dude.”

I’m confident tomorrow I’ll have something to say.

And when I do , I’ll send it your way.

Lynn Radke  November 5, 2012

Comments on: "Frustrated Writer" (2)

  1. Wow, great job!

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