musings of a hopefilled soul

Lessons Learned

AAAACy9UUcgAAAAAAWoqIwPump little legs! Take me high in the air!

Away from the danger lurking down there!

My fathers approaching and he doesn’t look glad

He’s doling out discipline because I was bad

My brother lies watching from the upstairs bedroom

He’s received his punishment and knows I will, soon.

He’s laughing because my 4-year-old mind

Thought escape on the swings would save my behind.

But my father’s much bigger and quicker you see

Than any old swing that might rescue me.

In a moment, a flash, I was snatched from mid-air

And suddenly watching the ground from right there,

Bent over his knee I received my reward

For playing with matches and justice was scored.


I glanced at the lady bug within my sight

And wished upon wish I could escape my plight

Our sister had divulged our dangerous scheme

With those in authority. We thought she was mean!

Well lessons were learned on that fateful day

And swinging high in the air would not get me away.

Later my parents would recite these events

To all who would listen of my silly intent.


Well I’d like to think that I’ve learned over time

To consider the results of the thoughts in my mind

To make better choices and know in the end

What seems exciting is not always my friend

For what if the matches that we struck while at play

Leaped into flames and destroyed on that day

Our home and the lives of all who were there

This poem today, I could not share

So as bad as the punishment seemed at the time

I have come to accept, it did fit the crime.

Comments on: "Lessons Learned" (3)

  1. And now I am imagining the poetry my own daughter will create… 😉 Loved this!

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