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A Hallmark Moment

Hallmark commercials give you a sense of the nostalgia connected with the holidays. Below is a Christmas card our daughter Alissa gave to us when she was in her early teens. When I opened and read the words they touched me deeply and as you might guess, I cried! I kept the card and as I was stringing lights this year, I remembered the day I received it. It still brings tears to my eyes. Just wanted to share it with you and pray you all have had your own Hallmark moments!




Make Memories!

Comments on: "A Hallmark Moment" (2)

  1. Somehow this didnt make it to my inbox, but glad i came to your page to find this…

    Yes, i to am finding sentimental moments as i unpack the boxes laden with memories of my children. It makes me weep with sweet melancholy …wishing I could relive those moments again, but I keep reminding myself that today there are more moments to make and I AM working hard to make them a special time for them — all six of them…it is a pleasure to decorate and shop and bake and whatever it takes to make their holidays with me a wonderful time….

    I can tell that your heart is already touched by the beauty of the season. We must celebrate the pleasure and privilege of being HERE, alive, one more year, to enjoy it every bit possible. 🙂

    • Children grow so fast. We turn around and they are gone from our homes but never our hearts. Good to have past memories but as you said to take advantage of today and enjoy it for it has memories to make of it’s own.

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