musings of a hopefilled soul



The refuse had mounted, it seemed to the sky

When would the garbage truck be stopping by?

The Christmas trash had loomed in the dumpster for days

Awaiting a garbage man to haul it away.

So for granted we take mundane little things

Like the joy in seeing our garbage leave, brings

This morning was the day so up early I got

To ready the trash so I wouldn’t get caught

Another two weeks with this stuff to get stuck

And sure enough later, along came the truck

So thankful was I that this task was complete

I sat down to compare it to a most wonderous feat

Not to insult you Dear Lord, I did say

But I’m thankful for the garbage that You haul away.

For daily I come to get rid of the trash

Two weeks wouldn’t do it, there would be quite a stash.

So Father, thanks for clearing the clutter away

And granting Your mercies new every day

Don’t let me take for granted the cleansing You give

To renew and restore so I really can live.

By Lynn Radke 1/3/13

Comments on: "Garbage" (2)

  1. *whistles…dang, you are very good at this! Such a darling had the meter of Twas the night before Christmas.
    …and ur so right, the garbag does pile up to high mountains, esp at our house, when all my six babies are here over the holidays…but it was FUN creating that stash! 🙂

    • Good to hear from you and glad you liked it. We had a great Christmas with 32 of us here at our house. Hence the mountain of garbage !

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