musings of a hopefilled soul



Moments to treasure

Of our family together

Sharing laughter and tears

Times of joy and of fear

Snapshots in time

Forever etched in our minds

How quickly it all flies

“Slow down!” my heart cries

But inevitably it rolls on

Lived and then gone


So I’ll capture the moments

and store them away

and pull them out on any given day

I’ll smile with great pleasure and laugh loudly again

I’ll weep with the memories of times gone and then

I’ll get up today with this knowledge in mind

And make more treasures to leave behind.

written by Lynn Radke

Comments on: "Moments" (4)

  1. aww, this is wonderful! I AM missing my family already. I was sick most of the time they were here and spent many hours in a back bedroom hiding under the quilts and wishing I could join them.

    the few pictures I took are very precious to me as they encase the special moments I want to preserve forever. But, ur right, we must continue to make more memories…live, love and laugh…all we can! 🙂

    Was your Christmas wonderful? Did you spend time with your dearest ones? Hope you have managed to avoid the flu, and if you havent, take care of yourself. 🙂

    • Special times with family reminds me that we won’t all be around forever so enjoy while we can and make new memories. Had the flu shot and so far I have been well! Hope you and yours had an awesome Christmas as well. Thanks for you encouraging comments.

  2. Nicely flowing and lilting piece. Your efforts are a joy! Blessings, Rad 🙂

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