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A Temporary Inconvenience


I love most sports! This time of year football is my sport of choice.

This Saturday while watching the NFL Countdown show, former head coach, Mike Ditka, made a comment I had to write down and remember to pass on to my blogging friends.

The discussion was regarding the cold weather for the game that day in Denver.  The various analysts were speculating how the temperatures would affect the players. Mike Ditka referred to the cold weather as,

“A temporary inconvenience for a lasting memory”

I love quotes that make me think of a deeper application.  I began to think of the difficulties of this life.  The trials we face and how they are temporary inconveniences for the lasting  pleasure of a heavenly home.  In fact scripture puts it this way,

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

2 Corinthians 4:17

There is more to life than the earthly.  When we arrive in heaven, all of the troubles of life will pale in comparison to the treasures awaiting us there!

Comments on: "A Temporary Inconvenience" (12)

  1. beautiful entry, dear one…but so far no one has convinced me of heaven. I wish, i wish…but nope hasnt entered into my lil head. I think i am more inclined to think of reincarnation. We keep coming back in other versions of our self, but maybe our spirit goes to heaven…lol…i think i wanna hav it both ways…silly me!! :)…

    • Interesting! The Bible talks about heaven and Ihave always believed in it but I respect your difference of opinion. Always look forward to your comments!

      • I dont read or allow myself to be guided by the Bible. I have a set of ethics that I’m sure have some foundation in the bible as my instruction in Christianity as a youngster began at age six. …I am also not even sure I believe in Jesus. I believe in a God, but not sure I can identify him as having a specific name or appearance. No need really. I have faith in a higher power and this is sufficient for my spiritual needs.

        Thank you for being open to my opinions. We can respectfully voice our own minds. 🙂

        I dont think you’re weird or anything, cuz you think differently, lol…just teasing ya! ((U))

    • Have you ever looked at a sunset or mountain or the stars and felt a yearning for something beyond? I think those are the “hauntings” of heaven. Just a taste to let us know that God has more in store for His people.

      On the flipside, don’t you ever look at the grief and pain of this world and wish for perfect peace and harmony? Why would you want to keep coming back to the pain here?

      Just some questions from a Jesus-follower and Bible teacher… Keep exploring!

      • I would want to come back here because although the world is full of pain, there are glorious sunsets and beautiful birds to behold. Its the beauty of life that keeps me hooked, and strong to endure the hardships I have been tested with.

  2. p.s. as for football, i think it should be outlawed. 🙂

    • Certainly lots of controversy about head injuries. But so far I enjoy watching all the fantastic plays. Don’t like the violent hits. l

      • Its the children i worry about. They are getting blows to their young bodies that are not fully formed. last year i went to a game and in one hour two lil ones…about 8 yrs old …were taken away by ambulance.

  3. p.s.2…didnt u use to have a pinecone up top?…i love the new image…is that a castle?..looks heavenly to live in!

  4. WP seems to be acting squirrely. I cant see the comments we exchangd on my recent post called “today”…i didnt delete them…just FYI 🙂

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