musings of a hopefilled soul


Circling, circling, circling, the thoughts within my head

Sounding to my mind of impending gloom and dread.

Did I go to far in my efforts to be helpful

Has everyone else who knows me got a mind that I’m impossible?

So I pull way back, feeling way misunderstood,

How could my actions to be helpful be not seen as something good?

So now I want to fix it, make the time roll back again

Take a gentler course of action than the path that I’ve been in.

But that is not possible, so I try to fix my mind,

That’s not working out so well and peace is hard to find.

Eventually I get around to remembering once again

I’m a work in progress in my Heavenly Father’s hand.

Please let me take it, He gently says to me

Let go and let me have it and my guidance you will see

For the thing that seemed so broken and your efforts misunderstood

When surrendered to my hand, will be transformed into something good

So today I give it unto God who knows me better than a brother

It is Your approval that I seek instead of every other

Patience is not a virtue that lives long within my heart

So Father please revive it, it’s such a crucial part

Replace all the anxiety with peace that only You can give

For the place without Your peace is unbearable to live.

Surrendering in my helplessness is the strongest I can be.

For it opens up the door, Your wondrous power to see.

by Lynn Radke 3/13/13


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