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We had the pleasure of attending Easter Sunday services with  my husband’s son, daughter in law and granddaughter.  The Pastor started his sermon with an Easter joke about Mr. Motorist who while driving, came unexpectedly upon the Easter Bunny and attempted to swerve so as not to hit him, but unfortunately did so.  There was an AWFUL collision and colored eggs went everywhere.  The Easter bunny lay lifeless at the scene.  Another motorist stopped, rushing over to inquire what had happened and upon hearing of the demise of the bunny, immediately ran to her car, retrieved a can, and returned, spraying the Easter bunny with the contents.  MIRACULOUSLY… the Easter Bunny hopped up… collected his eggs… and continued hopping down the road, but every 10 feet would turn around and wave… hop 10 feet and turn around and wave.  The pattern continued until the Bunny was out of sight.  Mr. Motorist’s curiosity was peaked.  He inquired of the lady what was in the can that so completely resurrected the Bunny.  Turning the can around the lady said….wait for it…..”It’s hair spray”…. written on the can it said…”Guaranteed to restore dead hair… with a permanent wave.”

We ALL reacted,  some chuckling, others groaning.

Then the pastor went on to add that Easter was a Huge joke! The devil’s plan to defeat Jesus and do away with his power through death, had been thwarted.  “THE TOMB IS EMPTY!” “JESUS IS ALIVE!”  The joke is on you, Satan!

The founders of other religions are still contained in their earthly graves, but Jesus is ALIVE.  Awesome news!!  Hope exists and we need to share it, for many do not know of the Risen Jesus!  May we challenge ourselves to share the good news of the Risen Lord, this Easter season and every day!

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  1. This is great. Thanks for sharing.

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