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No matter how long we have known Christ, we often struggle to understand His love for us.  We see all of our failures, shortcomings, and sin and feel useless and unworthy.  We think God doesn’t really mean it when He says He loves us. We think if only we can act better it will increase His love for us.

I have devoured Neil T. Anderson’s book entitled “Victory Over The Darkness.”  In his book is a paragraph that I want to share with you today.

God Loves You Just the Way You Are!….The primary truth you need to know about God in order for your faith to remain strong is that His love and acceptance is unconditional.  When your walk of faith is strong, God loves you.  When your walk of faith is weak, God loves you.  When you’re strong one moment and weak the next, God loves you.  God’s love for you is the great eternal constant in the midst of all the inconsistencies of your daily walk.

The author reminds us that scripture shows God wants us to do good, of course.  But God has already made provision for our failure.  So His love is constant regardless!

 But if anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense–Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.  He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for OUR sins but also the sins of the whole world. 1 John 2;1,2 NIV

Comments on: "GOD LOVES YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!" (1)

  1. Professions for PEACE said:

    Wow.. that paragraph is so profound that I’ll be tracking down this book now. It looks like a very worthy read. Thanks so much – as always – for sharing.

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