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A Second Look!


Standing at the door as my day began
I took a look downward before errands I ran

A smile burst on my face as I looked at my shoes
For one was brown and one was blue!

So back to the closet laughing out loud,
I went to change before facing the crowd.

The lesson I learned on this eventful day?
A second look never hurts before heading out on your way!



Only your real friends...

Tara and Rob’s Big Inaugural Adventure!


The opportunity of a lifetime before our eyes,

Was afforded our children to our surprise.

The Inaugural Ceremonies?  Are you kidding me?

Even now we look back and it’s hard to believe.

Rob invited to be a citizen co-chair,

With Tara beside him what an outstanding pair!

The Oval Office to see President Obama?

I want to hear more of this Inaugural Drama!

A handshake and kiss our Tara received,

From the President himself, “Pinch me, I breathed.”

Community service was Saturday’s task,

They were excellent painters, should you feel the need to ask.

Then Sunday was theirs to do as they wished.

What all could they see and what would be missed?

So sight-seeing they went, to Arlington to view

The changing of the guard as it happened on que.

So much to take in, they saw what they could

And as they day ended, they thought it was good.

3:30 am Monday, the alarm clock rang

to get ready to leave with the rest of the gang.

Buses to catch and security to clear

A small price to pay to actually be here.

There were seats to find as the ceremony approached

And crowds gathered round the President to toast.

Beyoncé, Kelley, and James Taylor sang.

Throughout all of DC the anthems rang.

The oath of the office was taken by two

Then Barak gave his speech on what he should do

With the next four years he received from the masses.

We all thought a BUDGET would be good, if it passes!

The ceremony ended but more was ahead.

A “parade this afternoon”, the agenda said.

Rob on a float of citizen co-chairs

Was the last but not least, with a chill in the air.

Tara was seated in view of the President

To watch the parade, as by her it went.

Her toes were like ice cubes but she stayed at her post

To see Rob’s float, was first and foremost!

Finally, FINALLY he came into view!

With a smile and a wave with the co-chair crew.

Now back to the hotel, to get ready for the ball

Tuxes and gowns were the dress code of all.

Though traffic delayed them for 2 hours that night

They were determined to be there no matter their plight.

Finally they made it.. persistence pays!

And an escort to enter would help anyone, that way.

They danced and enjoyed the festivities of the ball

To the very end, they took in it all.

So tired they were but enjoyed each occasion.

A tour of the White House on Tuesday, was amazing.

Then off to the airport to fly out that day

unfortunately one flight caused a delay.

So overnight in Denver they stayed

Arriving home a day later, to their dismay.

Now rested and reflecting they have memories galore.

But how can they top this, what will be their encore?


Keep your ear to the ground, be alert and aware

For you never can tell what’s next for that pair!

Some Christmas Humor




Frustrated Writer

I sat down to write a post for today,

But the genius I possess had little to say.

4 Posts I had started but wandered to no end.

Was there a complete thought I could possibly send?

Apparently none on this day and time,

As I searched for words that would rhyme in my mind.

My frustration mounted as I struggled to compose,

Any kind of thought that would end all my woes.

As you can see that didn’t occur,

It wasn’t happening today for sure!

So you’re getting a verse with little inspiration,

At least that’s what I see, for this jumbled summation.

Who would expect this nonsense for free,

Would come from a brilliant composer like me?

So tomorrow, refreshed, I’ll try it again,

My blog to continue and encouragement to send.

….Hey!… that IS inspiration my mind, could conclude.

The one who wins is the “keep trying dude.”

I’m confident tomorrow I’ll have something to say.

And when I do , I’ll send it your way.

Lynn Radke  November 5, 2012

To Make You Smile!

Because of the unusual layout of our main bathroom, the light switch is located in an awkward place.  My husband being the consummate thinker, decided to install a motion detector light, so as you enter the bathroom the light automatically turns on.

This weekend while watching four of our grandchildren, 4-year-old Braden came running in from outside reporting the need to go the bathroom  and as kids do, had waited to the last minute to answer nature’s call.  While not too distraught, he hurriedly ran into the bathroom and experienced the motion detector turning the light on.  With the most grateful voice, Braden cheerfully chirped, “Thank You Mr. Light Helper!”

Aren’t kids awesome?  They say some of the cutest things!  Now every time the light comes on as I enter that bathroom, I smile when I think of Mr. Light Helper!