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I’m in a place with hemmed in walls….

“You need to go this way”, wisdom seem to call

So.. I turn to go in that direction

But alas, I’m blocked from the freeing connection

Oh I get it now, the other way must be right

But it also stops just beyond my sight

“So what do I do?” I’m so frustrated

“Am I sane the way I’m created?”

God has a purpose I just need to believe

And the guidance will come that I’m to receive

I’m so exhausted from trying to know

If I should try to do something, or just be and let go

Under the edge my emotions hover

Days seem endless, when will it be over?

Yet I know my God is unendingly good

So I try to persevere like I know I should

Lord, I don’t do this very well but I’m trying…..

However, I have to admit…., today I am very frustrated!!


Can We Forgive Riley Cooper?


I love sports….. Mike and Mike In The Morning….. and Cris Carter!!

On August 8th, the conversation revolved around whether Riley Cooper, the latest offender using the “n” word, can be forgiven by his teammates and others.

First of all let me say that the “n” word is disgusting and demeaning and those who use it clearly have given no thought to the impact it holds!  That being said, the consensus of these three seemed to be that it was unlikely the football player could get past this mistake.  They went on to say Cooper would likely not be protected by his teammates while on the playing field.

Cris Carter stated that he would have the same opinion towards those slurring any race, religion, sex, etc.  While that sounds noble and idealistic, reality is, we are often disrespected.  One of my personal experiences has been the slurring of my faith and religious beliefs when different from the latest political and social agenda.

Next. Of course there IS forgiveness! Christ forgave those who mocked and laughed and spat on him, even as he gave his life for their salvation. He was labeled “King of the Jews”, as opposed to the more politically correct, “Jewish king.”  Remember Christ’s words, ” Father forgive them for they know not what they do”?  Forgiveness is a choice.

Like it or not this is a country of free speech. Some pretty disgusting things have been tolerated in the name of the first amendment.  The mixture of alcohol and social media is a lethal combination, often revealing the depths to which we will sink. But this and similar slurs happen every day on a less public stage. Are we going to be offended and never forgive? What a hateful, embittered world that would be!

Carter questioned if Riley Cooper had used that word in the past…. What if he has?…  Most likely all of us have things in our past of which we are not proud. Life is about growing into better people today than we were yesterday and dare I say, learning from our mistakes.  We all start at different places in life with more or less to equip us to deal with the expectations of the world.  Our job isn’t to be perfect but to learn, change when necessay, and grow.  We are human beings and saying stupid things is a hazard we face every morning when we arise, but it shouldn’t be fatal!


This guy’s seems legitimately sorry!  Will we refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt? What would be enough to placate his accusers?  Should we condemn him to the pits of despair so when he takes his life over this matter we can then wonder “what went wrong”?

Let’s take the high road, be the better person, and forgive!

Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone…John 8:7

God Quote



We regard God as an airman regards his parachute; it’s there for emergencies but he hopes he’ll never have to use it.  C. S. Lewis










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